Hawaiian Chocolates

Hawaiian Chocolates

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The story behind this amazing chololate:  

  • The story of our business began in the labs at the University of Hawaii in 2010 where our friends were studying cacao as a crop for the state
  • Did You Know?

    Hawaii is the only state in the U.S. that can grow cacao commercially due to our tropical climate. Chocolate is made from the seeds of this tropical fruit tree.

  • At this time

    At this time, the global sourcing and consumption of cacao was beginning to shift in the sense that people are now paying attention to where chocolate is grown -- not only where it is made.  For example, "Swiss" and "Belgian Chocolate" does not grow in Switzerland or Belgium!

  • As time goes on!

    As more and more cacao farms and research trials were starting to pop-up around the state, we realized that there was a need for local chocolate manufacturing -- someone to buy the cacao beans and/or help farmers turn their crop into chocolate.

  • We started!

    We started as college students with no money and bootstrapped our business with ingenuity and determination. For example, our original equipment involved a barbeque to roast and a tricycle- powered winnower to remove the cacao shells. Now we are the largest chocolate maker in the State with regard to our production, and in the top ten of the largest bean-to-bar craft chocolate makers in the U.S.

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